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At Lily Sage Health, we provide personalized wellness plans tailored to your medical symptoms, lab tests, and needs. Our integrative and functional medicine approach identifies and treats the root cause of your symptoms. We also offer acute care visits as needed. Our patient-provider relationship is built on trust, communication, and a commitment to your well-being. We empower our patients to take control of their health and live their best lives..
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Wellness Programs

Comprehensive root cause program

The Comprehensive Root Cause Program is our premier package and the cornerstone of our mission to provide a superior alternative to traditional healthcare. The program begins with an initial 90 minute (deep dive) visit to learn about you followed up with monthly 45 min visits for six to twelve months to monitor your labs, nutrition, and symptoms to encourage life-changing results. Included in the program: 
  • Individualized lab testing and protocols to reset your gut, hormones, and metabolism
  • Personalized prescriptions, as needed
  • Personalized nutritional guidance for your hormonal, gut and metabolic health needs 
  • Access to discounted high quality supplements 
  • Monthly 45 minute follow up visits with Riana and secure messaging               Investment: $295.00 for initial visit, protocol and personalized lab order and $145.00 monthly for follow up visits for six to twelve months. Labs will be billed separately or you can use your insurance.


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specialized root cause programs

Root Cause Specialized Programs focus on developing a highly personalized functional and integrative approach to address a specific health need, including metabolism & weight loss, stress & sleep, depression & anxiety, thyroid, menopause, PCOS, fertility, pre-conception, prediabetes, and Type II diabetes.

Each personalized program begins with an initial 60 minute (deep dive) visit to learn about you followed up with monthly 30 minute visits for three to six months to monitor your labs, nutrition, and symptoms. Depending on your needs, your plan may include:

  • Individualized traditional and alternative laboratory testing and protocols
  • Personalized prescriptions as indicated for weight loss, anxiety, depression, sleep, hormones etc
  • Personalized nutritional guidance
  • Access to discounted high quality supplements

 Investment: $250.00 for initial visit and $145.00 for monthly follow ups for 3-6 months. Labs billed separately or you can use your insurance. 

three to six-MONTH specialized HEALING PLANs to address specific conditions.

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second-opinion appointments

Have you been told your symptoms are "just in your head" or that you'll have to live with them for the rest of your life. It's time to consider getting our second opinion.

Common second-opinion conditions, include:
Hormonal imbalances, Thyroid issues, Menopause, Fertility issues, Chronic pain, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Fibroids, Breast health concerns, Osteoporosis, Menstrual irregularities, Sexual health concerns, Migraines and headaches, and Fatigue and low energy levels.

Second-opinion (60-minute) visit investment: $250

Conventional Treatments not working? get a second opinion from an integrative & Functional Approach

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